Generations -- what's all this Gen I, Gen II stuff I see?

Generations refer to the revision or iteration number of an object or system.

Some things came in Generations, but we have not yet sorted them: coils, TCI, ignition pickups, rotors and stators.

Some things didn't come in Generations: valves came in two variants: 700 and 750; and everything else.

Valve springs could be said to have two Generations: everything; then the XVS1100.

Cylinder heads had two variants: kidney shaped (700, 750, 920, 1000); and flattened hemisphere (both 1100s).

Left engine covers spanned: '81 - 83; '84 - '85; Midnights; 1100s; then the XVS1100.

Left engine cover gaskets came in two Generations: all '81 through '98; then the XVS1100.   Further investigation necessary: photographs suggest that one gasket spanned the series.

Right engine covers went through several variants: '81 - '83; Midnights; 700s and 1000s; 1100s; the XVS.

Right engine cover gaskets followed a simpler pattern: all XV the same; the XVS different.   Update coming: it is possible that one gasket encompassed the entire series.